sábado, 2 de enero de 2016

Tsum Tsum exhibition


How was your christmas and new year?, 

I'm really busy lately, so I cannot visit many places, but anyways I stll have pictures to share with you, as you may notice I'm a big fan of "kawaii" stuffs, so one day I saw a big statue in a shopping mall and almost die of happiness, personally I havent bought any Tsum Tsum (i want but no money) but I think they are extreamly cute, dont you?

The exhibitionn was held in the 新光三越 shopping mall here in Taichung, I tried twice to come in, one in saturday but it was impossible, I'm still not used to do big lines for everything so at the end i decided to go on a weekday, which was perfect, not much people and i got free makeup samples and could practice my poor chinese..., i will stop talking and go to the pictures!

The statue in the mall entrance!♥

I want all of them 

 At the end of the exhibition you arrive to a little store, but i forget my wallet TOT)/