domingo, 25 de octubre de 2015

How is that I'm living here?

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I arrived to Taiwan on July, I came here because i got the oppotunity to an intership as spanish teacher at Providence Univeristy. I have been studying chinese for a while and i like Asia so much, so i couldn't reject this opportunity.

My class

My experience as Spanish teacher was so great, at the beginning it was really tiring but at the end I liked it, I have to say I'm a really shy person, so at first talk to so much people was a big challange to me haha, but I may say that now i think i feel less shy and i can keep a conversation with a bunch of people without freeking out ;). 

When my intership came to the end, I decided to stay here longer time studying chinese at the same university chinese center, i really like learning chinese in here, but ¿What are the reasons i decided to stay here?:

1. PEOPLE, as others foreigners living here say, PEOPLE IS TAIWAN IS THE NICER IN THE WORLD.
2. FOOD, if you are planning to come here  you will get some weight!

3. A LOT OF CUTE STUFFS, I love japanese cute characters and things in general, this country is filled with them.
4. PRICES. Everything is extreamly cheap comparing to Spain.
5. CITY LIFE. Even if Taichung is not big as Taipei it still has a lot of things to do and i like to walk around big buldings and endeless (pricy) shopping malls.